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Mapping the selfless

Indeed Mytrix patterns and layers consciously or unconsciously executed by the body -assuming a posture of self anonymity- and a self scanning consciousness are serving my art as symbols and dimensions of mind, matter, and spirit brought into a state of temporary, fleeting equilibrium.

It is as though every act of creation were destined to achieve only a momentary, contingent state of perfection redefining beauty as being elsewhere. I form, deform and reform each work with processes and medium of different nature spanning from primitive to high tech.

The visual narrative is the subliminal mechanisms of a dilated timekeeping metric surfing the memory of the present; a quasi-Buddhist understanding of the self as a mind en pointe in a perpetual present—a virtual neuronal space where there was no past and no future to speak of, but only transitions living without traces of linear or cyclical chronology.

Art is the ultimate ephemeral gesture. I am not interested in the know-how, but rather in the “NOW-how?”.

Gianluca Vernizzi

Bangkok 04.06.2019/2562