Gianluca Vernizzi was born on August 12, 1964 in Italy, educated in UK and USA, and resident in Thailand since 2014. Son of late twentieth century industrial entrepreneur and poet, Giorgio Gionata Vernizzi, and grandchild of painter and decorator Giuseppe Vernizzi.

His family household in Modena was a lively social and cultural meeting point for some of the most celebrated figures among Italian postwar design and art circles, perhaps most notables among them the furniture fabricator and design entrepreneur Dino Gavina, artists Pier Luigi Testi, Gian Marco Montesano, and visionary art collector Carlo Cattelani. He lived and worked in California, North Carolina, New York, Boston, London, Bologna and travelled the world to come in contact with a wide variety of cultures and contemporary art influences as to develop his own conceptual language to redefine environmental ‘beauty”.

With his lifelong passion for radical approaches to innovation, Gianluca Vernizzi effortlessly combines the worlds of art, design and technology-driven humanistic research; he sees art as the creative catalyst, cultural legacy as the resilience binder, and technology as the betterment accelerator.

Business background

  • Founder and Owner of Fractalis® water based paint effects

  • Founder and Owner of Bodhi® handcrafted timepieces of which he designed the limited edition Eggclectic™ MCU1.0 watch for Chulalongkorn University Centenary

  • Founder of Inter Nos Co., Ltd., an interdisciplinary Art and Science Lab www.inter-nos.org

  • Member of Globally We Design Core Team www.globallywedesign.com

Art background


  • 1981-2012 / He devoted his artistic nature to his family business in the Paint Industry, while collecting contemporary art and painting under the pseudonym Kubern Ronin;

  • 2016 / Collective exhibition at PTendercool Gallery (Bangkok) with artist Daan Botlek, 

  • 2016 / BUU International Art Exhibition and Workshop with artists Decha Warashoon, Goutam Das, Jogen Chowdhury, Justin Mills, Panya Vijinthanasarn, Suchart Taotong, Tawatchai Somkong and Thepsakdi Thongnopkoon;

  • 2018 / Curator of the Italian Pavilion’s at the 1st Bangkok Design Week edition for the Embassy of Italy with his art installation “a▪maze▪ing”;

  • 2018 / First solo exhibition at DUKE Contemporary Art Space in Bangkok;

  • 2019 / Executed commissioned drawing “Bridges” for Chulalongkorn University as celebrative imagery in occasion of Pope Francis Apostolic visit to the Kingdom of Thailand on November 20-23, 2019;

  • 2020 / Author and curator of CAPOLAVORI art platform 2020/2021.

    His projects and works have been published in such periodicals such as Wallpaper, REvolution and Fine Art Magazine.

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