Mytrix art is profoundly rooted in fractal geometry, epigenetics and mimicry.


Each artwork is a diagnostic experience performed in a proactive self meditative state, when mind is in a rest mode and attains a state of consciousness different from the normal waking state - while the body carries its labor as to deliver pictures related to the staging of emotional anatomy. 


I define such creative process as something equivalent to a medical MRI. While improvising multifaceted layers of distorted patterns and chroma on the spur of the moment transiting and surfing the wave of temporal shifts, brain quietness leads the effortless and timeless fugacious flows. It’s a silent non linear realistic creative process of  “regression” in an overloaded world with  “progressive” virtuality where artifacts are not facts of art, but mere control factors. The memory of the present is my ideal place where transitions unfold pro transactions through a sequence of visual multilayered shifts which are intuitively temporary.


The “ON and OFF” and “COLD and HOT” chromatic metamorphosis featured in a variety of my artworks (being different during day and night time, or below and above 30 degrees Celsius) is the visual and conceptual morphology of life’s adjustments to impermanence.



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