I steer momentum more than paint.

Art does all my talking.


Instead of thinking out of the box, get rid of the box and if nothing goes right...go left.



The truth in life is that there are no absolute truths.


A good heart is a prism reflecting a vagabond spectrum of turmoil, love and compassion.

Art can't progress, but just qualitatively regress to primal imagery along with technology’s innovation.

Science is the best contemporary art.

The distance between life and death is how far you went in wasting time to find its metric, instead of enjoying the transition.

Al mio funerale sarò sicuramente in ritardo.

Thoughts are fluid,

and I like when they stay so before turning into opinions.

Regress to progress.

2 + 2 fa 4, però mi dispiace.


Life is too short to understand stupids, and stupids are too short minded to understand life.


I musei d'arte sono antropologicamente obsoleti. Bisogna riaprire i manicomi per dare la giusta collocazione fisica ai capolavori. E' l'unica soluzione di convivenza volontaria temporanea tra

i visitati ed i visitatori.

You love someone, you don’t own that person.

We all need beauty, and 
beauty is within, not without.

I am more interested in inter nos

than in internet.

Ti ucciderà almeno una menzogna e sarà immortale.

Le masse sono sempre massa critica.

A fantasy never


to reality.

We don’t need any further evidence that this globalized society is an artifact.

So, if the world is a frame, where’s the painting?

I just observe what's delivered.

Sovraintendo al governo dei miei colori.

We can't call technology whatever disrupt the order of nature.

Beato il beota

Se nasci originale non puoi produrre falsi.

We never really die.

The best way to predict your future is to create it.

Seeing the glass half full isn’t an issue,

but not to spill.

Credo solo in chi parla con Dio 
e non in chi parla di Dio.

Most people feel free in doing what
someone wants them to buy.

L’Industria del vuoto 
fabbrica prodotti mostruosi.

Make each moment count,
one hysteria at the time.

Victoria’s secret ?

Alice in Wonderbra.

Nel fare quello che posso,
faccio quello che voglio.

Most marketers confuse marketing with vanity. That's not even enough to open a beauty parlor.

This digital world will melt down with a blackout under the rainbow.

Life is not an equation with a solution at the end.

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